NLSVCC has eight committees.

For more information about any of the committees, please reach out to the Consortium at board@nlsvcc. org

Current NLSVCC Committees:

Amicus Advocacy

The Amicus Advocacy Committee coordinates and authors amici briefs on behalf of the Consortium.

Legislative Advocacy

The Legislative Advocacy Committee communicates with congressional offices and executive and administrative agencies to advocate for veterans and provide comments on draft legislation and regulations, testimony, and feedback to government stakeholders.


The Membership Committee is involved in recruitment and outreach on behalf of the Consortium.


The Scholarship Committee peer-reviews articles and pieces before submission or publication, connects members for collaborative scholarship projects, and curates blog submissions.


The VSO Committee serves as the primary liaison with other VSOs and the VA itself for the Consortium.


The Conference Committee coordinates, plans, and executes the biennial NLSVCC conference.

Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Committee coordinates, plans, and executes the biennial NLSVCC Boot Camp program, which provides training for incoming clinic students and clinicians.


The Website Committee answers inquiries from the website, creates website content, and gathers news articles from members to post on the NLSVCC website.


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